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Energy Efficiency Experts in Keene, NY

Many homes and businesses experience a number of common energy efficiency problems that often go undetected by homeowners lacking proper diagnostic performance testing equipment. Some of these problems and their effects include:
Inadequate Insulation Levels:
  • Warm & Cool Air Escapes, Causing Heating & Cooling Equipment to Work Harder Than Necessary
  • Ice Damage May Occur, Leading to Roof & Ceiling Leaks
  • Freezing Pipes
Air Leakage:
  • Drafts & Cold Spots
  • Overworking of Heating & Cooling Equipment
  • Moisture Problems Leading to Peeling Paint, Mold, Mildew, or Structural Damage in Walls & Attic
  • Inadequate Air Exchange, Causing Unhealthy Air Quality, High Humidity, or Dryness
Inefficient Heating Systems:
  • Uneven Room Temperatures Due to Low Air Flow
  • High-Energy Costs Due to Equipment Older Than 10 Years with Low-Efficiency Ratings
  • Reduced System Efficiency Due to Oversized or Poorly Maintained Equipment
House Diagram 2009 HR — Energy Reduction in Keene, NY
Inefficient Central Air Conditioning Systems:
  • Refrigerant Undercharging or Overcharging May Lead to Premature Compressor Failure
  • Low Air Flow May Be Caused by Dirty inside Coils, Closed Registers, or Inadequate Duct Sizing
  • Incorrectly Wired Thermostats & Other Controls Affects System Performance
  • Oversized or Improperly Serviced Equipment Reduces Efficiency
Duct Leakage:
  • Uneven Distribution of Warm or Cool Air
  • Uncomfortable Room Temperatures
  • Poor Heating & Cooling Equipment Performance
For more information regarding energy efficiency problems, or to schedule an energy consultation to find out how you can save money on your energy bill, call Summit Contracting at 518-576-4691 today.