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What's Your Carbon Footprint?

Providing Energy Audits in the North Country Region

Blpwer Door Presion — Energy Reduction in Keene, NY
With over 30 years in the building and home contracting industry, Summit Contracting specializes in the energy reduction of residential, municipal, and cultural buildings to help property owners in the North Country Region, NY and surrounding areas save money on their energy bills and lessen the impact on the environment. We focus on energy retrofits for insulation, air sealing, HVAC systems, moisture control, water heating, and water usage reduction. With an energy audit from Summit Contracting you can improve the energy efficiency in your home to get more out of each unit of energy that you use and save on energy costs over time.
You can count on us to identify the common house problems that cause high-energy costs and decreased comfort and provide you with the most effective solutions to deal with these issues.
House - Energy Audits in Keene, NY

Energy Audits

Discover how you can save money with the help of Summit Contracting. We provide you with the energy consultations and audits you need to identify problems that cause exorbitant energy use and we provide the solutions to help you solve these problems. Call us now at 518-576-4691 to schedule an energy consultation.
Clogged With Dust and Dirt - Common Energy Problems in Kenne, NY

Common Energy Problems

Learn about common causes of energy inefficiency and the effects they have on your energy bill and the level of comfort in your home or business.
For more information about energy efficiency or to schedule an energy consultation, call Summit Contracting at 518-576-4691.